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Message from Dr Shu:
I understand there is a lot of distress about the impending regulatory changes. Please note that the many details are not clear as yet. 

Based on the current announcements we know that:

1. Personal Importation Scheme (PIS) is still continuing in the potential short interim only with a valid prescription; however this is with a likely view that the PIS will cease and only regulated nicotine vaping products will be supplied through pharmacies with a prescription. This may occur early 2024.

2. Single-use disposable vapes will be banned for importation and use end of Nov/Dec 2023. In light of this, we advise avoiding further importation of these products.

3. There will be restrictions on strength, volume, flavours and packaging of products. Effective date TBC.

4. Nicotine-free vapes will no longer be available at non-pharmacy retail outlets. Effective date TBC.

For more information, please visit my medical colleague Dr Colin Mendelsohn's website and blogpost.

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Smoking Cessation Assessments
12-Month Prescriptions

Quit Smoking For Good &
Have a Happier Healthier Life

Australia-wide service within 24 Business Hours

Genuine, Caring Australian Doctor & TGA Authorised Prescriber

TGA & ATHRA listed

*Personal Importation Scheme prescriptions - 12 months

*Pharmacy prescriptions - 3-6 months

Apply For Your Prescription Here

Complete a medical questionnaire to apply for your prescription

12-Month Prescription


If you are not sure about what you need, complete this form and we will be in touch to discuss.

12-Month Prescription



Proof of Centrelink Card or DVA card required to be uploaded
(not medicare or private insurance card)

*This is a private-billing service, no medicare rebates are available, but we endeavour to keep fees as low as possible

The QuitRX Process

*QuitRX strongly advises patients to visit their local GP as first contact

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Step 1

Complete the detailed questionnaire and payment.

Proof of Age/Drivers License/Passport (or other official document with date of birth) for age verification required.

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Step 2

Dr Shu reviews your questionnaire within 24 business hours. 

She will contact you for further confirmation.

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Step 3

Your personalised prescription is sent to you by email, or SMS if pharmacy e-script. 

Prescription includes varying strengths to help you wean over time.


Step 4

Pharmacy: Contact your pharmacy to order your products

Personal Importation Scheme: Send or attach your prescription to your preferred online overseas store order. Please check with your supplier that these products meet Australian TGO-110 quality and standards.


For pharmacy-supplied products, please contact

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About QuitRX

Helping you quit smoking for good

Quitting smoking is difficult. We get it! And we are here to help and support your quitting journey.

We are committed to helping Australia with affordable access and quality service. Our hope is for all patients to eventually lead smoke-free lives.

This service is owned and operated by Dr Shu who has genuine care and compassion for her patients. Dr Shu takes time to review each questionnaire and provides advice and follow up for patients. She also loves hearing encouraging patient experiences and stories of their smoking cessation journeys.

Please note that Dr Shu encourages all patients to visit their GP first to discuss smoking cessation methods including nicotine vaping, but is available if you are unable to get the help you need.


Why do I need a prescription for nicotine vaping products?

According to the TGA website: On 21 December 2020, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) announced a decision that from 1 October 2021, consumers will need a valid prescription to import nicotine vaping products, such as nicotine e-cigarettes, nicotine pods and liquid nicotine. This means that when a consumer purchases the products online from an overseas supplier, they will legally require a prescription from an Australian registered medical practitioner.

This ensures that only quality products that meet TGA standards are sold/dispensed, as there have been reports of lung injury from low quality e-liquids that have harmful additives. This means that it will be illegal for smoke shops to sell products for nicotine vaping, and patients can only access this via a pharmacy, or a vape store that meets TGA standards.

Visit the TGA website for further information:

Where can I purchase nicotine products for vaping?

Many pharmacies stock nicotine products for vaping that meet TGO-110 standards and regulations. These prescriptions are sent directly to pharmacy and you do not receive a copy of this. Check with your local or preferred pharmacy if they stock the products you need.
Alternatively, with the QuitRX PDF prescription emailed to you, you can source products from an online vape store that meets TGA requirements under the personal importation scheme. Usually, you would be able to upload your prescription on the site account.
QuitRx does not endorse any brands or products.

Can I discuss with a doctor before getting my prescription?

Yes, we appreciate that some patients have questions about nicotine products for vaping, or would like to confirm details before the prescription is made. In the medical questionnaire, please note that you require phone contact and Dr Shu will give you a call.

How long is my prescription valid for and how much supply am I permitted?

Nicotine prescriptions are valid for 12 months.

PIS (personal importation scheme) prescriptions includes 3 month supply with 3 repeats (for 12 month supply).  You can purchase smaller volumes more frequently as long as the 3 month limit is not exceeded. 

Pharmacy prescriptions will have 6 months supply.

I completed the questionnaire/payment or sent an email enquiry but did not receive a reply?

Dr Shu is very responsive to queries, and prescriptions are emailed within 24 hours (often sooner). Sometimes emails from QuitRX go into your junk/spam inbox. Often there are also issues with some email servers e.g. yahoo, bigpond, outlook, with receiving our emails. Please contact to enquire and leave your mobile number as an alternative contact.

Can I claim the prescription fee on Medicare?

QuitRx services are private billing only and are not medicare rebatable. However, we keep fees as low as reasonably possible but still be able to provide a good service.

What does RX mean?

RX (sometimes written ℞) is a common abbreviation for medical prescriptions derived from the Latin word for recipe meaning 'to take'. However, this is more than a prescription service. We help current or ex-smokers navigate the quitting smoking process.

Any Questions?

 Email Dr Shu Here:

You should receive a reply within 24 hours (often sooner) but if you don't please do check your junk/spam folder.

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