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  • What is QuitRX's advice for quitting smoking?
    Nicotine dependence is complex. Quitting cold turkey is recommended, but understandably difficult. We recommend discussing with your regular GP regarding first-line pharmacotherapies for smoking cessation, in combination with behavioural modifications. If your GP is unable to help for any reason, we are happy to assist in your smoking cessation journey. We highly recommend behavioural intervention with Quitline, and will help send a referral for you with your consent.
  • Where can I purchase nicotine replacement products (NRT)?
    Approved NRT like patches, gums, sprays, inhalators and lozenges are available widely through pharmacies and supermarkets. You do not need a prescription to purchase these approved therapies, however we may prescribe it if necessary to assist with your quitting journey.
  • Why do I need a prescription for nicotine vaping products (NVPs)?
    According to the TGA website: On 21 December 2020, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) announced a decision that from 1 October 2021, consumers will need a valid prescription to import nicotine vaping products, such as nicotine e-cigarettes, nicotine pods and liquid nicotine. From 1 March 2024, personal importation of vaping goods and accessories is no longer legal without an import license and permit. ​ This ensures that only quality products that meet TGA standards are sold/dispensed, as there have been reports of lung injury from low quality e-liquids that have harmful additives. This means that it will be illegal for smoke shops to sell products for nicotine vaping, and patients can only access this via an Australian pharmacy. ​ Visit the TGA website for further information:
  • What nicotine vaping products (NVPs) do you prescribe?
    There is a range of products available including pre-filled pods and premixed liquids for refillable devices. The list of TGA notified vapes are on this page. These have not been assessed by TGA for quality, safety, efficacy or performance, but are what sponsors have provided to TGA that they comply with applicable standards. QuitRX prescribes a wide range of NVPs, based on patient experience, smoking history and pharmacy accessibility. However, we avoid prescribing products manufactured or owned by Big Tobacco.
  • Can you write an 'open script' or a range of strengths/quantity so I can choose a variety of products at the pharmacy?
    We appreciate it may be convenient to have an 'open script' for selecting a variety of products at the pharmacy, however it is not permissible under the Medicines and Poisons Regulation. Nicotine Vaping Products (NVPs) are classified as unapproved therapeutic goods and prescription medications. Therefore, prescriptions must specify the exact strength, form, and quantity, and it is not legal for any pharmacy to dispense prescriptions that do not meet these requirements. Similar to how doctors do not prescribe an 'open script' for antibiotics or blood pressure medications, the same applies to NVPs. If you require different strengths or types of products, please mention this in your online assessment and discuss it during your consultation. Be aware that there may be additional fees for the increased administrative time needed to prescribe multiple products if deemed appropriate.
  • Where can I purchase nicotine vaping products (NVPs)?
    It has not been legal for convenience stores, tobacconists or vape stores to sell NVPs since 2021. The only legal access is with a prescription through a registered Australian pharmacy. Most pharmacies should be able to order NVPs that meet TGO-110 standarads and regulations. You will receive an SMS e-script token and also evidence in your email to use at your preferred pharmacy. You may also check with your local or preferred pharmacy if they stock the products you need. QuitRx does not endorse any brands or products, but does not prescribe products owned by Big Tobacco.
  • What quantity do I get on my prescription?
    To ensure follow up and accountability during your quitting journey, QuitRX assesses individually and prescribes enough supply (if appropriate) for 3 months or 6 months.
  • I have a PDF prescription prior to 1 March 2024 for importation of vaping products. Why can't I show this at the pharmacy to get products?
    Due to pharmacy dispensing regulations, a digital image of a prescription presented by a patient is not a lawful prescription for pharmacy dispensing. This is because it is unknown if this has been presented to another pharmacy, or what quantity/repeats are left. In Australia, we now prescribe medications via E-Script tokens (like QR codes), usually by SMS or email. However, Australian Border Force (ABF) are unable to read these tokens and require different details, and hence importation prescriptions are provided as a PDF prescription. Please complete a pharmacy e-script assessment and request here.
  • I completed the questionnaire/payment or sent an email enquiry but did not receive a reply?
    Dr Shu is very responsive to queries, and contact is usually made within 1-2 business days. Sometimes emails from QuitRX go into your junk/spam inbox. Often there are also issues with some email servers e.g. yahoo, bigpond, outlook, with receiving our emails. Please contact to enquire and leave your mobile number as an alternative contact.
  • Can I claim the assessment fee on Medicare?
    QuitRx services are private billing only and are not medicare rebatable. However, we keep fees as low as reasonably possible to still be able to provide a good service.
  • I am a traveller. Do I need a prescription?
    There are exemptions for travellers. Information is available on the Office of Drug Control website.
  • What does RX mean?
    RX (sometimes written ℞) is a common abbreviation for medical prescriptions derived from the Latin word for recipe meaning 'to take'. However, this is more than a prescription service. We help current or ex-smokers navigate the quitting smoking process.
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